Appointments available 6 days a week from 8am until late

Same day appointments often available - call 01923 283845 for late availability  

We have been helping people in the comfort of their own home with our fantastic online video physiotherapy service with GREAT succes, and will continue to do so, But...

We are OPEN for Face to Face appointments!

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We have been treating patients face to face again since May 2020 with our COVID secure policies and procedures.  


As an essential healthcare provider we REMAIN OPEN!

For those still shielding, or in self isolation due to travel or a family member with COVID symptoms, and those who just LOVE the convenience of having their physiotherapy anywhere, be that at home or at work, with no need to waste time commuting to the clinic, we will be continuing our Online Physiotherapy Service indefinitely!  

How can Online Video Physiotherapy help You?

Everyone's back pain/knee pain/shoulder pain is different, so a generic set of exercises found on the Internet is NOT the solution, and could make it WORSE! 

As Physiotherapists we are astute LISTENERS. While we may not be able to physically put our hands on you, even during visits to our clinic, the most important thing that you get from us is our expert knowledge and understanding about how muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joints e.t.c behave when injured, and what can be done to solve your pain. We can do this with online video physiotherapy! 

By intently listening when you tell us about your pain - how and when it started, what movements make it better or worse, how it varies throughout the day, how it feels (sharp, dull or nagging), we are able to use or extensive experience and expertise to formulate a diagnosis. Looking at the painful area via video for swelling or bruising and observing your movement patterns further aides our thought process in determining a diagnosis. 

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We use all of this information to formulate a plan specifically for YOU to reduce your pain and achieve YOUR goals. We can explain why you have pain and how to avoid making it worse! We'll teach you self treatment techniques and exercises to improve your symptoms. We'll formulate a personalised rehabilitation programme SPECIFIC TO YOU that we will email to you so that you know you are doing the right things to resolve your problem fast.  


  • Initial Assessment, including treatment (60mins): £119

  • Follow up appointment (30mins): £69

Please ensure that you contact your insurer prior to treatment to obtain authorisation.

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  • All major insurance companies accepted and most now cover online video physiotherapy (Telehealth).