Is Physio for Me?

Anyone experiencing pain and/or physical limitation can benefit from physiotherapy.

We help people who lead sedentary lifestyles through to elite athletes competing for their country.

We combine a hands on approach with specific exercise rehabilitation to help you recover faster.

What Do You Treat?

We assess and treat a wide variety of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Some examples are listed in each box below. If you are unsure if we can help, please call 01923 283845 to discuss.


Prolapse disc

Degenerative changes

Muscular pain


Back Pain
Ankle Pain


Achilles tendonopathy

Calf tear


Neck Pain

Trapped nerve


Muscle spasm

Poor posture

Degenerative changes

Prolapse disc

Sports Injuries

Throwing injuries

Joint sprain/strain

Muscle tears

Broken bones

Tennis/golfers elbow

Back injuries

Running assessment

Frozen Shoulder



Rotator Cuff issues


Trapped nerve

Overuse injuries

Shoulder Pain
Post-Op Rehab

Rehab following:

  • Joint replacement

  • Ligament repair

  • Arthroscopy

  • Surgical repair of a fracture

  • Spinal surgery

Knee Pain

Runners knee

Cruciate ligament



Knee replacement

Post operative rehab



Rheumatoid arthritis

Juvenile arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis

Single or multi-joint problems


Chiltern Physiotherapy is a fantastic practice. The diagnosis and treatment I got here has been life-changing (I mean literally). They have helped by not only fixing my problem but in helping me understand my body better than I ever have before. I wish that someone had told me all this information years and years ago. Now I feel empowered to make better choices for myself, I am stronger and healthier and less likely to put myself back in the position of needing help again. They are friendly and caring people who strive to do their best to help. The Pilates classes compliment the physiotherapy and are truly excellent. Once you have tried it you wont want to give it up. Would recommend them with all my heart.  Katrina Collins