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Welcome to My Blog!

Hello, and welcome to my first Blog post! A year after Coronavirus changed our lives immeasurably, I wanted to start this blog and reflect on the past year, and look froward to greater things.

I've wanted to write a blog for a long time, but juggling family life with my Physiotherapy business and my passion for running, I kinda had a full plate. Then Coronavirus struck and it was all hands on deck with trying to protect our business when the Government forced us to close our doors overnight and home school our 2 children. To say I was scared about losing everything we have worked so hard for would be an understatement!

I wasted very little time worrying as I am aware that achieves nothing. I'm fortunate that I can compartmentalise my feelings, a defence mechanism from a pretty rough up bringing - a 'silver lining' maybe? Anyway, I swiftly rolled up my sleeves, put my Big Girl pants on and pivoted my business FAST!

With Coronavirus cases rising rapidly, I was mindful that the Government may shut down the country. In preparation we invested in a good quality camera and transitioned out Pilates classes from Clinic based to a hybrid model of in person and online. Those already shielding joined in from home via Zoom and those still lucky enough to have their freedom attended in person. When we were forced to stop in person classes, our online classes were already "normal" and our wonderful clients transitioned online. Our 'hands on' physiotherapy practice converted online to what I now know as 'Telehealth'. This is common in America as some people live so far from a Physiotherapy clinic that online physio is the norm. We honed our conversational skills and exercise prescription and had great success assessing, diagnosing and treating patients online.

In the past year our small but mighty business had gained some amazing new Team members, lost some of the dead wood, and evolved into a much Stronger, Resilient Team who all believe in the core values, mission, and culture of Chiltern Physiotherapy. We are here to serve You, our amazing Clients, for whom we are forever thankful to for supporting us through the most unimaginable challenging times.

Chiltern Physiotherapy has some exciting developments planned for the coming months and years. We welcome you to join us for the ride on this exciting journey and allow us to help you life your best life free from pain and limitations.

Some of Our Amazing Team!

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