Are you stuck in ISOLATION with nagging back, neck or joint pain?

Worried about LOSING YOUR INDEPENDENCE and concerned about what your future holds?

Has your knee, hip or back SURGERY BEEN CANCELLED leaving you in pain and feeling LOST?

It's not quite "business as usual" just yet, but we are

OPEN again for Face to Face appointments!

Our physiotherapy regulator and governing body state that face to face physiotherapy needs to be essential, and that we should adopt a ‘Virtual First’ approach. We really want to see you and help you get out of pain, so we have developed some policies and procedures to ensure we can do this.


If you want a face to face appointment, please book a FREE Discovery Session with one of our physiotherapists. You can do this by clicking the 'Apply for a FREE Discovery Session' below or call us on 01923 283845. This free session is a video consultation (via Zoom) during which we will assess your problem and discuss the treatment options with you to determine the best course of action moving forward.

To proceed with face to face treatment every patient must pass a simple risk assessment prior to visiting the clinic (conducted during the Discovery Session), and read and sign a consent form electronically, acknowledging the risk of attending an appointment during the current pandemic. During your consultation, the physiotherapist will be using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and all patients will be required to wash their hands on arrival and wear a face mask (disposable masks available if required). Safety if our priority, so please understand that while ensuring you are safe, we need to be safe too. 

Now is the PERFECT TIME to get those annoying niggles fixed that you are normally "too busy" to sort out.

Being in isolation can be lonely and miserable, don't make it worse by suffering unnecessary pain.

Surgery cancelled? Use this time to 'Prehab' and improve your joint range of movement, strength and balance to reduce your pain now and improve your quality of life and accelerate your rehabilitation after your surgery.

Don't risk losing your mobility, fitness and independence. 

This isolation period is temporary - when the world opens her doors again you don't want to waste precious time doing rehabilitation that you can do now and be 'up and running' to enjoy your freedom again.


Our classes are LIVE (not pre-recorded) with small groups so that we can ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly and give you ongoing feedback during the class to ensure that you achieve your goals.

We help Active People

find LASTING Solutions

to END PAIN and Stiffness, and LIVE the

life they DESERVE

 We help YOU be
the BEST that
YOU can be

Need help to decide if Physiotherapy is right for you?

FREE Phone Consultation

If you aren't quite ready to book a Physio appointment and have any questions about whether Physiotherapy is the right choice for you, please book a FREE, no obligation, call with an expert Physiotherapist at Chiltern Physiotherapy. We want you to feel confident and 100% sure that we can help you. 


To schedule a call please click the button below to complete a short form and one of our Physiotherapists will call and answer your questions, completely free.

FREE Discovery Session

If you are unsure about physiotherapy, or whether we can help with your specific problem, or have had a bad experience with physiotherapy in the past and are nervous about committing to a full session, please click the button below to apply for one of our FREE (15min) taster sessions to see how Chiltern Physiotherapy is different and able help you.


Please answer the questions to tell us a little bit about you so that we can answer your questions serve you better. 

Sadly the 2019/20 hockey season was terminated early due to COVID-19😷  Who knows if we will get a Summer Season this year? πŸ€·


What we do know, is that hockey WILL be back, and when we do get back on the pitch, we want to get back out there all guns blazing ready to make up for lost time πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


Physiotherapist Nicky Edwards plays for Amersham & Chalfont Hockey Club and is going to be teaching FREE online hockey specific strength and conditioning classes via Zoom πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ


To improve your performance on the pitch you need to:


πŸ‘ Develop explosive speed πŸ’¨ and strength πŸ‹οΈ to get to the ball first and win those 50/50 balls.

πŸ‘ Develop your anaerobic energy system so that you do b of energy e.g. intercepting or counterattacking without getting 

     fatigued and needing recovery time (and reducing your performance on the pitch).

πŸ‘ Develop endurance so that you can put in 110% effort for the entire game, not just the first half.

πŸ‘ Develop flexibility πŸ€Έ and mobility to enable you to reach that little but further to get that touch on the ball to score that

     crucial goal πŸ₯…

πŸ‘ Develop your core stability and strength to avoid back pain and make you more powerful on the pitch and hit the ball

     harder with greater accuracy πŸŽ―


The bonus, is that you will SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE YOUR RISK OF INJURY🩸 and time off the pitch….

And you will Look Great! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


The classes are free as we appreciate that some people may have financial difficulties at the moment. However, if your finances are good and you feel able to donate Β£3 (or Β£5 per family) per session we would like to give the money to Suzie Aries Immunotherapy Fund: Suzie Aries: Kicking Cancer's Butt. Suzie is a fellow hockey player πŸ‘ at East London Hockey Club and her Mum and sisters play at Wycombe Hockey Club. Suzie is fighting a rare form of Ovarian cancer and is having to privately fund a drug that is not available for ovarian cancer on the NHS πŸ˜’ So far, Suzie & her family, friends and supporters have raised over Β£149,000 πŸ‘ but she needs to get Β£250,000 to cover the 2 years of treatment she needs to save her life.



This is open to ANYONE πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ (you don't even need to be a hockey player!). All ages and abilities welcome. No equipment required as all strengthening exercises will be using body weight as resistance - you just a little bit of space to move around.


Expert assessment, diagnosis and treatment to get you back to enjoying life as quickly as possible.


Exercise safely under the guidance of Chartered Physiotherapists.

Have fun getting fit and reducing your pain.

Small classes

Equipment provided


Rapid relief for nagging chronic pain e.g.

  • plantarfasciitis

  • achilles tendonopathy

  • tennis elbow

  • shin splints

  • frozen shoulder

Sports Massage

Relaxation or rehabilitation, let our massage therapists ease your tight muscles to reduce pain and leave you feeling rejuvenated


Expert witness report writing. Specialist areas include amputation, orthopaedics, complex trauma and clinical negligence in the field of physiotherapy

Proudly supporting individuals leading Active lives in:

Chorleywood * Rickmansworth * Croxley * Watford * Amersham * Little Chalfont * Chesham * Chalfont St Giles * Chalfont St Peter

Gerrards Cross * Chenies * Latimer * Sarratt * Hemel Hempstead * Bushey * St Albans * Hertfordshire * Buckinghamshire  


We accept all major insurance providers.  

Most insurance providers will pay for online physiotherapy


If you wish to use medical insurance to pay for your treatment please contact them in advance to arrange authorisation.



45 Lower Road

Chorleywood, WD3 5LQ


Tel: 01923 283845

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8am - 9:30pm 

​​Saturday: 8am - 1pm β€‹

Sunday: Closed

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